佛罗伦萨现在是几点?佛罗伦萨 时间?

Unlucky for some, but not for Italians. Here's why today's date isn't a cause for concern in Italy – but Friday the 17th is.对一些人来说是不幸的,但对意大利人来说却不是。这就是为什么今天的日期在意大利不会引起关注 – 但 17 日的星期五会。

When Friday the 13th rolls around, many of us from English-speaking countries might reconsider any risky plans. And it’s not exactly a popular date for weddings in much of the western world.当 13 号星期五到来时,我们许多来自英语国家的人可能会重新考虑任何冒险的计划。在西方世界的大部分地区,这并不是一个受欢迎的婚礼日期。

But if you’re in Italy, you don’t need to worry about it.但是,如果您在意大利,则无需担心。

There’s no shortage of strongly-held superstitions in Italian culture, particularly in the south. But the idea of Friday the 13th being an inauspicious date is not among them.意大利文化中不乏根深蒂固的迷信,尤其是在南方。但 13 号星期五是一个不吉利的日子的想法不在其中。

佛罗伦萨现在是几点?佛罗伦萨 时间?

Though the ‘unlucky 13’ concept is not unknown in Italy – likely thanks to the influence of American film and TV – here the number is in fact usually seen as good luck, if anything.

The number 17, however, is viewed with suspicion and Friday the 17th instead is seen as the unlucky date to beware of.尽管“倒霉 13”的概念在意大利并不陌生——可能要归功于美国电影和电视的影响——但这个数字实际上通常被视为好运,如果有的话。

Just as some Western airlines avoid including the 13th row on planes, you might find number 17 omitted on Italian planes, street numbering, hotel floors, and so on – so even if you’re not the superstitious type, it’s handy to be aware of.就像一些西方航空公司避免在飞机上包括第 13 排一样,您可能会发现意大利飞机上省略了 17 号、街道编号、酒店楼层等等 – 所以即使您不是迷信类型,也可以方便地注意.

The reason for this is thought to be because in Roman numerals the number 17 (XVII) is an anagram of the Latin word VIXI, meaning ‘I have lived’: the use of the past tense apparently suggests death, and therefore bad luck. It’s less clear what’s so inauspicious about Friday.其原因被认为是因为在罗马数字中,数字 17 (XVII) 是拉丁词 VIXI 的字谜,意思是“我活过”:使用过去时显然意味着死亡,因此运气不好。不太清楚星期五有什么不吉利的地方。

So don’t be surprised if, next time Friday 17th rolls around, you notice some Italian shops and offices closed ‘per scaramanzia’.因此,如果在下一次 17 日星期五到来时,您会注意到一些意大利商店和办公室“按 Scaramanzia”关闭,请不要感到惊讶。

But why then does 13 often have a positive connotation in Italy instead?但是为什么13反而在意大利经常有积极的含义呢?

You may not be too surprised to learn that it’s because of football.

Ever heard of Totocalcio? It’s a football pools betting system in which players long tried to predict the results of 13 different matches.听说过 Totocalcio 吗?这是一个足球台球投注系统,玩家长期以来一直试图预测 13 场不同比赛的结果。

There were triumphant calls of ho fatto tredici! – ‘I’ve done thirteen’ – among those who got them all right. The popular expression soon became used in other contexts to mean ‘I hit the jackpot’ or ‘that was a stroke of luck!’有 ho fatto tredici 的胜利呼唤! ——“我已经完成了 13 次”——在那些都做得很好的人中。这个流行的表达方式很快在其他情况下被用来表示“我中了大奖”或“那是运气!”

From 2004, the number of games included in Totocalcio rose to 14, but you may still hear winners shout ‘ho fatto tredici’ regardless.从 2004 年开始,Totocalcio 中包含的游戏数量增加到 14 个,但无论如何,您仍然可能会听到获胜者大喊“ho fatto tredici”。

Other common Italian superstitions include touching iron (not wood) for good luck, not toasting with water, and never pouring wine with your left hand.其他常见的意大利迷信包括碰铁(不是木头)以求好运,不要用水烤面包,不要用左手倒酒。

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